Does This Look Like The Face Of A Former NBA Starting Center Turned “Heavily Armed Heroin Addict” And Hencheman Weilding A Grenade Launcher?


Komo News – Crazy story coming out of Seattle this week as former Super Sonics center and top pick out of high school, Robert Swift, was charged with a gun crime after police seized guns, drugs, and a grenade launcher from the Kirkland, WA home where he was bunking. Last month after some recon (undercover heroin purchases) Kirkland police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided the home of Trygve Bjorkstam.  Bjorkstam is facing Federal weapons and drug trafficking charges.

Swift was drafted twelfth overall out of high school in 2004, and played for the Sonics/Thunder over the course of five underwhelming seasons. He was immensely talented, held in well-regard by scouts and GMs around the league, but something never clicked. After 2009, Swift played in the D-League and Japan until 2011.  Then, that was that.  Swift was a ghost until 2013 when he popped up in the news for squating in his foreclosed home.  This was a bummer for me because I had always had a soft spot for the guy (that’s usually the case with me and the ever illusive white American baller). When a young dude who made at least $10 million over five years is squatting in a foreclose home riddled with bullet holes, it’s pretty concerning. But there was still hope that he would get it together.

That hope has disipated. Swift has been living in Bjorkstam’s home since April.  According to the 54-year old Bjorkstam, who is a self-described “small time” heroin and meth dealer and goes by “Trigg”, Swift earned his keep helping collect debts owed from clients who ripped Bjorkstam off.  For what it’s worth, Trigg did describe Swift as a good guy who does not deal drugs. The cops seem to agree that Swift isn’t a drug dealer, but they say he admitted to using heroin daily.

The ugliest part of the story is that this house is only 100 yards from an elementary school.  The location wasn’t just used to cook, cut, and sell the drugs (ever hear of separate locations,Trigg?), it was filled will military-grade weapons and included an underground bunker used as a gun range/marijuana grow house. Among the findings were automatic-rifles, a grenade launcher, Katana swords, and some highly-illegal sawed of shotguns. Overall, just a really dark scene in the middle of a seemingly pleasant neighborhood, mere feet from a school.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a photo gallery of the evidence.  Let’s hope that giving some time to the State helps Mr. Swift get his life together.  After sentencing, a long stint in rehab should be highly recommended.


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