Kobe Bean Bryant Broke The NBA Record For Missed Shots, Lets Celebrate

Here at The White Fudge, real recognize real.  So when purest scorer of our generation breaks a record, we pay homage. Sure, the record is technically for career misses, but it’s really a testament to longevity and sheer dominance. You don’t miss that many shots without being an Alpha dog. You don’t miss that many shots without being too great to take off the court. And you certainly don’t miss the most shots in the history of the NBA without commanding unconditional trust from your teammates, fans, and organization. Kobe has missed the most shots ever, sure, but he’s still the unanimous choice to take any shot of consequence anytime he steps on a court. The Black Mamba is the realest.  Now, on to some highlights.

Given the occasion, though, here is a three minute video of Kobe missing a ton of shots while not passing to Steve Blake, Josh McBob, Matt Barnes, and Kendall Marshall. Sorry boys, Mamba knows best: 

Now that that’s out of the way, check out this 28 minute video of Kobe doing Kobe things in the playoffs from ’08-’12. The entire video is insane, so if you don’t feel like wasting a whole afternoon just close your eyes, pick any spot, click, then open your eyes and be blessed by one of the greatest basketball players ever.  

p.s. Only player ever with more seasons leading the league in misses? Air Jordan, of course. If MJ is King, Kobe is Prince.  The two most Alpha players the sport will ever see, IMO.


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