Cubs Fire Rick Renteria. All Aboard the Maddon Train!!



Choooooo Chooooooo! Hear that, compadres? That’s the sound of Joseph John Maddon coming to Chicago.  Isn’s it glorious?

Look, I feel bad for Rick Renteria.  I really do.  If anyone deserves a hug, it’s Rick.  He seems like a great guy and he did a good job coaching a young inexperienced team and getting them to play solid ball down the stretch. But at some point, he knew this was coming.  Everyone knew this was coming.  Joe Maddon opting out of his deal with the Rays just sped up the process.  If he stays in Tampa, Renteria probably has one more season with the Cubs.  But that’s not reality, Maddon is a Free Agent and Theo&Co have no choice but to go all in. He’s the perfect man to take this team to the next step, to take them to contention, and then to coach up a championship caliber squad.  The Cubs are improving, and Renteria probably could have led them to contention for the Wild Card.  He’s a good coach, and for his efforts as a first time manager he will get rewarded by another organization in need.  That just won’t be happening with the Cubs. Not at Wrigley. Not in Primetime.


P.S. – Over/Under 1:00am ET Sunday Morning for the Maddon agreement to be announced.  Pound the under!  I say the agree to terms right around Saturday 10pm, over a cold beer and the Arizona/UCLA football game.

UPDATE: BLEACHER REPORT is reporting that the Cubs have already reached an agreement with Maddon. Kind of commonsense, but worth noting. Told ya to pound the under!  Additionally, BR says that Renteria has declined an offer with the Cubs in another position. Smart move, he will coach elsewhere soon. 


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