I Didn’t Watch One Single Pitch of Game 7, but Congrats are in Order for San Fran

I love baseball. I’m a washed up, former D1 left-handed pitcher. During the regular season, I struggle to watch a ton of baseball because I miss the game so much. But big games, playoffs, WS Game 7’s with dominant stars on the hill? I’m all in. For that reason, I’m embarrassed to say that I missed Madison Bumgarner put his exclamation point on history tonight. I screwed up, guys. I didn’t watch a single pitch.  I bet on the Bulls, was writing the NBA Division preview blogs, and watching my Draftkings.com roster. I was so enthralled with NBA Opening Night (and didnt care much about SF/KC) that I just forgot. It doesn’t help that  I think I was 2-10 betting the baseball playoffs this season. Degenerates need skin in the game to remember about things, that’s just a life rule.  Remember that.

But this seems to be the new thing. Every two years, San Fran comes back on a mission.  They’re a fun team to watch, with the best catcher and budding superstar Buster Posey, the Fat Panda at third base, and that psycho Hunter Pence keeping the vibe strong.  When Tim Hudson and the best pitcher in baseball, Madison Bumgarner, get the chance to combine efforts in a WS Game 7, the other team ain’t getting that W.  0.25 lifetime World Series ERA is absolute insanity. Bumgarner is such a country strong thoroughbred that I cant help but be in awe. He’s everything I had hoped to become as a pitcher.  Just a bad baaaaaad man.  Hopefully next year when the Cubs are winning it all I will remember to change the channel.


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