Back at It, Let the Grit Times Roll

I’ve been MIA for almost a year now, and that year has sucked. Sure, my loved ones are healthy, the Lovely Lady hasn’t moved out, and I’m still as skilled (read:mediocre) of a sports-bettor as ever, but something’s missing.  Seen a lot of the old buddies lately, too, so the Grit ain’t missing that’s for sure.  I miss writing.  For the last year, I’ve been focused on a career that leaves me longing for the weekend on a Monday morning.  I’m done being content, done settling.  It’s time to get back after it and work towards catching on with a respected site.  I love what I love and I am done sitting around, being someone else.  Sports, Comedy, Movies, News, Nasty, and TV.  That’s it, that’s Grit.

On the Horizon:

College Basketball Preview Blog.  Big year of college hoops approaching fast.  Always the best time of the year.  I’ll let you know what to watch for and do some breakdowns and game previews when the season gets started.

Mid-Season Football Handicapping Catch-Up.  Started out real HOT through five weeks of college football. I’m talking “can’t miss Game 7, hitting 5-team parlays” hot. Too bad it wasn’t Game 7, it was Week 5 and I’m an idiot. Too cocky… NFL has been a toss up all year.  Just like the market, though, you gotta ride the waves and learn how to take the heat.  Through Week 8, I think we are finally getting a better feel for which teams are for real. The next nine weeks will still be insanse. I’ll give my thoughts on what has gone down in both college and pro, and what to watch in the 2nd half of the season.

NBA is back.  I’ll have a few divisional previews (with a totally-not-biased section on the Bulls vs Cavs) up soon, as well as a smorgasbord of funk whenever pleasantries arise (SPOILER: the NBA is very pleasant).

– From time to time, I’ll put out my Picks to Pound.  This will cover my favorite bets for the upcoming day/evening (almost always football and basketball, I don’t pretend to understand hockey lines).  Now that basketball is back, this will usually include a Backdoor Teaser or Money Line Parlay of the Night.  I love a nice 3-teamer in hoops.

– I’m looking forward to seeing Birdman and writing a review.  I’m extra hyped for what should be Michael Keaton’s best performance since Need For Speed, so I’ll let you know what I think.   Same goes for Kill The Messenger and Nightcrawler. Looking forward to all three, probably in that order.

– Likewise, Mockingjay comes out in a month, so you know the Lovely Lady will be dragging me to that.  Yeah, right. I read all the books.  I’ll tell you all how awesome it is.

–  The least Gritty but arguably most important upcoming blog will be my odds and predictions for who will win The Voice.  We are nearing the end, and you know I’ve seen every episode with my Roommate. This will be the blog to read if you’re a guy who loves beautiful music and making women moist. If that’s not you, then please, change.  The Kid is hooked like opium milk, ya’ll. Stay tuned, ladies.

– and many mooooooorrrreeee


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