It’s Been 20 Years Since Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Let’s Watch Their Cribs Episode

“We gon’ get this cee-lo game poppin’, maybe a little pool, little Dreamcast. Come bug out with us, c’mon.”

Yes please, RZA. Give me one day with Wu Tang, that’s all I want to do. Play $6,000 games of cee-lo, shoot pool, maybe play some NCAA College Basketball 2K on Dreamcast. Throw in a few 40s of Olde English and we’re having a damn day.

So that was “Wu Mansion – West” circa 2000 while they were recording The W. The gang’s all there, minus Ol’ Dirty by account of his “iron vacation.”  It’s an awesome, albeit heavily edited, look behind the scenes with Wu.

First, a few things:

  • I’m happy knowing that U-God was so happy with his “12 blowy shirts” blowing in the wind on the balcony, gazing upon the estates of his bourgie neighbors, all of whom were Los Angeles Lakers.  It’s the simple things.
  • “Surround yourself with plants while you bathe and shit, you never know when life is gonna cease” -RZA
  • Has Busta Rhymes ever not been on top of the game? Guy’s kept top quality company for nearly 30 years.
  • Karate and Porn
  • Raekwon the Chef eats pudding in the “Thinking Room” while Lionel Richie plays the master piano for him.
  • He also does calisthenics on that running thing.
  • “The jewel to keep in a fresh house… is flowers.” – Raekwon the Chef


In 2000, the Clan was not at their peak. Members were locked up, fighting for control and direction of the group, and generally more focused on their respective solo careers. But every handful of years they could still come together and pump out an album full of bangers because even while not at full strength, Wu Tang is better than the rest.

The Clan still is, and in my opinion always will be, the best in the business. The chemistry between the entire collective is unparalleled, yelling over each other’s verses and jeering back and forth, but somehow it works perfectly. RZA’s production truly is more music composition than simple hip-hop production.  Wu displays a mastery of the English language that you would never expect, flowing effortlessly between comedic punch-lines and hard-hitting realizations. As RZA explains below, they are the true representation of Hip Hop. They’re the gold standard.


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