Blackhawks Take First Loss in Regulation


I’m not saying that my post the other day was a jinx (they’ve been hotter than a Carl, after all), but I’m not saying it wasn’t. Fact is, they lost the very next game.

Friday night was a tough pill to swallow for Chicago. The Avalanche are only 9-10-4, but it’s gotta be hard playing the same team back-to-back in this condensed schedule.  The two teams played Wednesday night in the Chi, flew to Denver Thursday, and are playing again today.  Lots of things to learn from your opponent after game 1 and not much time forget it.  Anyone can get caught off guard this season, which is why this Hawks run so far has been ridunkulous.

Once the shit’s done flushing, though, this loss is probably for the best. Has the season been insane so far? Absolutely. Given us all something to look forward to every night? For sure. And you know it’s been something wild for the team, too. They’ve been on cloud nine, nothing but admiration and attention coming their way.  But now it’s time for the fringe fans and the media attention to fall back.  Time for everyone to take a breather and give the boys a break.  I have no doubt they’ll keep playing the league’s best hockey.  They’re the most complete team at this point, by far.  But it can’t be a bad thing to have a little more breathing room and hopefully enjoy a quiet dinner or two.  Time for the casual fan to concentrate on March Madness. Maybe catch a round of The Masters.  Plenty of time to get amped again as playoff time nears and go ape shit when the Hawks bring the cup back to the Madhouse.

21-0-3 through the first half of the season. Helluva ride so far boys.


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