Creighton Coach Greg McDermott Has Old Man Bunnies

Curious what kind of man sews seed that grows into a 6’8, 240 pound 2-time 1st Team All-American scoring machine? Men like Greg McDermott, that’s who. Old dudes with bunnies. Creighton’s Head hoops coach is 48 years young and still throwing it down. Just as the old adage goes, “Once a horsey, always a horsey.”  Plus, his son is a soon to be NBA first round pick and one of the two best bros in college hoops. Greg McDermott’s swimmers don’t just swim, they butterfly stroke their way to conception. Unborn Grandson McDermott’s destined to be the Great White LeBron. You heard it here first.

ps – Mike Scott of UVA is right there with McDermott for top bro in college basketball.  Scott’s tearing up Charlottesville, probably living the best life of any college baller right now. There’s only one man on every campus whose lifestyle can compete with a 6’6 guard who fills it up for 30 points every night. That man is the Quarterback.  But given the current state of Cavalier football, Mike Scott is the undisputed campus champ. No contender.

– Sid Vish


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