Who Scalps Their Neighbors Anymore?


Calvin Leroy Bakel, 30, is accused of using a tiki torch to attack his neighbor in an incident that left 57-year-old John Lennings partially scalped and with a partially severed ear, according to KJRH. The alleged beating occurred Sunday evening, after Lennings was trying to keep Bakel’s dog away from his grandchildren. Then, neighbor Peggy Walls told KJRH, “This guy [Bakel] took one of our tiki torches up, which was iron, and started beating [Lennings] with it. And took off part of his ear and part of his scalp.”

Quick question: How does one go about scalping another with a tiki torch? Seems pretty difficult to me.  I mean, maybe you can get your target down and really dig in to his/her dome with the pointed end of the pole that’s meant to go in the ground and then start ripping scalp off by hand? Perhaps you burn the unlucky fellow’s head with the torch and then scrape at his scalp with the end of the pole. No matter how you go about this method of scalping, it’s bound to be pretty gruesome. Sounds like some details that might need to be included in the police report and corroborated by witnesses before you go around labeling regular Joe Schmo here as the neighborhood scalper.

If you ask me, Calvin Leroy Bakel got the short end of the stick.  He looks like an upstanding young man. Plus, any Caucasian with the middle name Leroy deserves the benefit of the doubt.  He’s been through plenty just growing up a white ‘Calvin Leroy’.  Sounds to me like Cal was protecting his precious poodle from this grumpy old man asshole of a neighbor, John Lennings. You don’t mess with a man’s best friend, John! Sure, Calvin might have gotten a bit carried away in the whole “beating via tiki torch” department, but scalping? Naaaahhhhhh. We’re not 18th Century Iroquois? No one scalps anymore.  Sorry your head’s bleeding and your ear is falling off, John, but take your false accusations elsewhere.  Nothing worse than an attention whore.


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