Irish/Red Storm Throwing Fists

Is it just me, or has there been a decent amount of basketball fights lately. Last week we had Roy Hibbert vs the Warriors, then yesterday a little skirmish with JJ Barea and Ray Allen. Even earlier in the season we had Carmelo vs Garnett/Rondo. All of these altercations were pretty much a bunch of huge athletic sissies shoving each other, though, and resulted in a lot of well-deserved backlash from hockey fans.

As basketball fans, we get it. Most players aren’t fighters. Hockey players would whoop that ass. But every so often a basketball game becomes a boxing match and gives me a small sense of pride (is that bad?). Tonight’s fight between ND and St. John’s did just that. It wasn’t pretty. But at least there was a punch or two landed and the kids actually put their safety on the line and tried to hurt each other. That’s all we can ask from a good sports fight, after all.

I just wish that instead of breaking it up Jack Cooley had come in with a bonecrushing right like my man Yancy Gates on Kenny Freese (0:40)

ps – Is it any surprise that sour instigator is a Detroit native named Sir’Dominic Pointer? He had zero idea how to throw a right, but you gotta appreciate the effort.


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