Montana TV Station Hackers Claim Zombie Apocalypse

NBC – An episode of “The Steve Wilkos Show” was interrupted on a Montana TV station Monday by a hacker who warned of a zombie apocalypse.

The Montana Television Network said hackers were able to sabotage the station’s Emergency Alert service of the station’s Great Falls affiliate and told viewers “dead bodies were rising from their graves” and “attacking the living.”

KRTV said on its website that the hacked message reached “several” Montana counties. The phony alert was promptly pulled off the air and prompted KRTV to issue an apologetic message on the air and online.

The Great Falls Tribune reported that the “undead” message garnered at least four calls to authorities to check its validity.

First off, I love a great hacker story.  I wish I had paid attention in math class when I was young and had taken some computer programming classes in HS/college simply so I could be smart enough to be a hacker.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be a productive programmer, too, but if I was smart enough to hack into TV stations, websites and all that shit I would totally use my powers for evil.  There’s not too many things better than a well executed prank, and hackers can pull that shit on thousands, sometimes millions of people.  They can fuck with anyone they so please. Some billionaire pisses hackers off, they’re going after him.  They can do semi-funny shit like trick a bunch of Montanans watching basic cable into thinking they’re about to be eaten by the dead, or they can just go straight evil and vindictive.  I dig it.

With that said, I fucking hate this Zombie craze that has engulfed every genre of entertainment.  1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” was fine. Saw that movie as a kid and literally didn’t sleep for about a week. Peed my pants a little bit, too.  That movie did its’ job and the Zombie market had not yet been over-saturated  After that, zombie comics and movies became more frequent, but still only a couple every decade. That’s fine. “The Walking Dead” comic is a classic, never my style but it was a classic. Even “Shaun of the Dead” is less than ten years old and that movie was still original and hilarious. But now? Can we get a mothafuggin’ break with all this Zombie garbage already?  For the life of me, I don’t understand what the draw is for people to watch these show/movies, or read these books. There are so many other things I would rather do with my time.  Sure, when Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide came out it presented a pretty good hypothetical conversation for you and your friends, but that lasted 15 minutes tops. No matter how good the characters in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” are or how ‘crazy the storyline’, I don’t want to hear it anymore. There are so many good stories out there that don’t involve annoying dead bodies that just walk around groaning and trying to eat the living.  It’s trash. Zombie apocalypse is never happening, so get the fuck out of my face.  And I’m long gone with all the TeenVamp shit, too. BEAT IT.


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