Toews Squares off With Thornton for no Apparent Reason and I Love It

Not exactly sure what made Tazer so angry here, but I love that he goes after Thronton on his own. “Jumbo” no doubt has a reputation of being and instigator and straddling the line between “good player opponents hate but you’d want on your team and still respect” and total stroke. Whichever is the case, Toews is obviously sick of it and took control of the situation. This is what having that C on your chest is all about.  Your team needs a spark and you feel disrespected by an opponent? You go after him. Doesn’t matter that Thornton is a 6’4/235 badass.  Jonathan Toews is sending a message that he’s not gonna get pushed around.  He might not fight often, but he’s letting them know he’s not afraid to.  Just crosschecks Joe into the boards, holds him there, returns to play, and then goes back after him when the whistles blown.  The Captain was angry so he took it upon himself to prove his point. This seemingly unprovoked attack did the trick, too. The Hawks were up 1-0, Sharks were threatening, and now fifteen minutes later it’s 3-1 Hawks. Not too mention the Madhouse on Madison went absolutely bonkers. Fight on, Toews, fight on.


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