Ryan Braun Again Linked to PEDs

Ryan Braun Again Linked to PEDs

MIAMI — The list was written in April, in the hand of Biogenesis of America clinic founder Anthony Bosch. Among the names is the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun, and to the right of that name is a figure: $1,500.

That list, a source familiar with Bosch’s operation told “Outside the Lines,” indicates that those players received performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch and owed him money. The document, one of dozens obtained by “Outside the Lines,” suggests a closer link to Bosch and the now-shuttered clinic he ran in Coral Gables, Fla., than Braun has acknowledged.

The list is not definitive proof that Braun either received or used PEDs — either would be a suspendable offense under Major League Baseball policy — but may draw him more squarely into the spotlight as the league investigates the scandal and tries to draw the interest of law enforcement.

The Brewers outfielder was first connected to Bosch in a Yahoo! Sports report last week — citing a different document — that did not connect his name to drugs. Braun explained the report by saying he had consulted with Bosch during his successful appeal of a positive drug test a year ago. Why he consulted with Bosch, who is not a physician but presents himself as one, has not been made clear…

There are maybe ten people in this world that know if Braun is ‘juicing’ or not.  Same goes for every other professional athlete.  Only they really know, along with a few close associates. I don’t care one way or another.  For the past decade, it’s seemed like an athlete gets caught using PEDs every week. I’m numb to this, and I bet most people my age are, too.  We all grew up watching mongaloids like McGuire, Bonds, and Sosa and it just made so much sense that they were using. By now, I expect 75% of the league to be taking something crazy like Elephant Tusk Juice.

But the athletes that make me still want to discuss this topic are guys like Braun.  Athletes who deny using PEDs so vehemently that for about 30 seconds I almost feel bad for being convinced that they’re  cheating. It’s one thing to lie and say you never used PEDs. Fine. Deny it all you want. But what we’re talking about here are the guys who channel their inner Lance Armstrong and just royally screw anyone who calls them a cheater. Anyone who stands in their way of destiny. These athletes are psychopaths.

There’s really no arguing that Braun got busted last season. He failed a drug test for steroids and had like 27 times the natural amount of testosterone for a man.  Maybe there could be a mixup with the positive ‘roids showing up, but that testosterone is wild.  And then somehow, Braun sneaks his way out of this positive test by blaming it all on the man whose miserable job requires him to package and deliver Braun’s urine. Let’s call him Ned.  Ned was running late so kept it in his apartment for one measly night.  Ned got fired. Thanks a lot Ryan. That job was probably Ned’s last resort. Ned was both dumped and evicted later that week.

And now, as they say in basically every sport, “the ball never lies.” Less than a year later Braun’s back in the news for (allegedly) documented purchases of PEDs from a fake physician and known drug distributor.  And the thing is, absolutely no one would care if he just denied the original failed test without being so over the top.  And to clarify, I like Ryan Braun. I think he’s one of the best players to watch play the game. He seems like he’d be pretty damn fun to party with, too.  I just want athletes to either sack up and admit to using (because by now it’s barely even cheating) or deny it like a man and leave the bystanders out of it. But I guess thats easier said than done.

– MF


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