Teacher Caught Smoking Weed Under Bleachers

pot teacher

Chicago Tribune – A special education teacher at Warren Township High School in Gurnee was caught smoking marijuana under the bleachers at a wrestling meet at Antioch High School on Saturday, police said.

Peter Mulloy, 50, of the 21900 block of Michelle Lane in Antioch, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, court records show.

An off-duty police officer who happened to be at the wrestling event reported smelling a strong odor of marijuana while seated in the bleachers, records show.

Not all that much to say about this pud.  After seeing the mug shot, though, I gotta say that this guy surpassed my wildest dreams.  Don’t really know what I was expecting when I read that a teacher was smoking under his own school’s bleachers, but this guy is a stone-cold player.  Obviously baked as fuck in that picture, hating his life and/or not giving two shits.  Can’t wait to get out of that police station, go home, sit in bed and finish a leftover $5 Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready while smoking another doob.  Probably rolls the sloppiest, limpest-dick joints too. Anyone who has ever had the courtesy of smoking with Peter Mulloy must have been absolutely pissed when he twists up some excuse of a joint full of brown, old-man dirt.

But really, how stupid must Peter Mulloy be to smoke under his own high school’s bleachers? Isn’t that the most stereotypical spot for high school stoners to smoke weed? I never actually heard of people smoking under the bleachers in high school, mainly because I don’t think anyone at St. Laurence HS was ever that dumb, but I would guess that that would be one of the first places to be checked.  It’s especially idiotic knowing that there was a sporting event going on and fans were sitting in said bleachers.  Sure, maybe Peter was just smoking a one-hitter and thought he could sneak one in without anyone noticing but, damn, take your fat ass into the parking lot and smoke as many hitters as you so please.  My only explanation is that Peter Mulloy did not give any fucks at all. The ‘tards in Warren Township’s special ed program were probably giving him fits anyway. Good Day, Pete.



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