Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’ Death Still a Mystery


Jerusalem (CNN) — They call him Prisoner X.

Media reports have described him as a man who hanged himself in an Israeli prison cell. But details about what happened to him — and why — have long been hard to come by.

The case — shrouded in mystery — sparked a government gag order that for two years stopped local journalists in Israel from telling his story, according to local media reports.

For years, Israeli government officials repeatedly declined to comment on the prisoner’s death, which was first reported by the Ynetnews website in 2010.

Now, a new report about the man many media have dubbed “Prisoner X” — because his name was never revealed — is sparking widespread debate in Israel over government censorship and about the country’s prison system…

The rest of the story goes on to explain that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation says this guy was Ben Zygier, a dual citizen of Australia and Israel who was recruited to join Israel’s Mossad spy agency.  I’m not gonna sit here and try to understand the depths of this cover-up.  Obviously there was some crazy Israeli spy shit going on and this guy, for whatever reason, got locked up and was never to be seen again.

The report says that details of why Benny was being held in the high-security prison near Tel Aviv are unknown.  oh, no shit?  If there was some spy conspiracy going on, which seems to be the case, the Israeli government isn’t letting that slip, no matter who needs to get dropped to keep it quiet.

I’m no genius, nor am I going to pretend to know anything that isn’t in this CNN article. First I heard of the story. But I have a theory that I think everyone who has ever watched “The Wire” will agree with.  Ben Zygier got ‘got’, as our urban brethren would say.  For whatever reason (good or bad), he pissed off the higher-ups of the agency and had to get put the fuck down. Just like when D’Angelo decided to have a conscience and turn his back on the Barksdale organization. He had to go, simple as that. Can’t risk whatever bad press, lawsuits, jail time, lost profits and whatever else might come from your soldier flipping.  And all it took for Stringer Bell to take out D’Angelo was an order to some dumbass Baltimore thug. Way more risk there than there would ever be for the MOSSAD SPY AGENCY, not too mention way more incentive for Mossad to get rid of Zygier.  And from what I hear, those homeland heebs do not fuck around. They go harder than hard. Dude just had to go, no questions asked and no comments after.  Some prison guard probably choked him out, strung him up from a pipe ala suicide, and put his hand on his cock like he was a perv or something.  Tough bucket, Ben Zygier, not a good way to go.  Whatever you were involved in, I sincerely hope it was crazier than we can imagine.

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