Gronk to Interview Smokes on the Oscars Red Carpet –  The 23-year-old tight end will serve as the Oscars Red Carpet correspondent for the “Rich Eisen Podcast” on 

The Oscars are set to take place Sunday, Feb. 24, and Gronkowski will man the duty handled by former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward last year. 

After finishing the season on injured reserve following a second break in his left forearm, Gronkowski has already made offseason headlines for dancing on a stage in Las Vegas and wrestling a friend while wearing a large sling on the arm. He was later photographed wearing a T-shirt saying “Sorry for partying,” which caught the attention of many. 

Gronkowski’s ever-growing popularity has coincided with production on the field when healthy, as he was voted a Pro Bowl starter in 2012 despite missing five games, and finished with 11 touchdowns.

I absolutely love this guy. I know it’s been said over and over by men from all corners of the globe by now, but seriously, Gronk is easily top 5 on the list of athletes that I wish I could be.  All things considered, he’s probably Numero Uno because most other studs would never do what Gronk does in public.  But that’s just who Gronk is.  He doesn’t care if everyone knows that he’s partying in Vegas or meeting up with porn stars at his alma mater on bye week.  Gronk’s just enjoying life, a life that all of us regulars can only dream of enjoying.  And Gronk damn sure doesn’t care if everyone knows that he’ll be slammin’ Jennifer Lawrence after the Oscars. He’ll probably hit us with a late-night twitpic of Katniss in nothing but a towel and him with nothing but an Academy Award covering his dick.  And I can’t wait for these interviews, mainly because I can’t really imagine how they will go.  Gronk usually just lets his actions do the talking, on and off the field. Does he mumble around and, after a while, start ‘Gronking’ microphones? Does he sweet talk countless divas trying to get Gronked? Its too early to tell. Oh, and you know some after-party footage will surface circa 4 am.  Sorry for partying.



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