Craigslist: Rants and Raves

Do yourselves all a huge favor and browse the “Rants and Raves” section on Craigslist, under personals.  Pure gold.  Especially being that today is Valentine’s Day and there are a bunch of lonely, thirsty mamas on there making excuses about why they don’t have a man and what’s wrong with all the men out there, etc. Then, you got the responses, telling them why they’re wrong. Pure comedy.

Here is a reply to what I just described. Below is the initial post that sparked the convo:

RE:I’m done with this (southwest )

STFU – You Pussy !!!!!!!!!1) When a woman says No; it means she is negociating foe a Higher Entry Fee
2) Sugardaddies and Sugarbabies are simply honest and upfront in a realtionship — most women are simply looking for a “Meal Ticket” and Happiness .. no matter how the “play the game”
3) Why “beat around the bush?” … just say what you want — no fucking games
4) I’m glad you like White like yourself … most normal people want to associate with people like themselves — it’s natural— you ever she a High Paid lawyer bring a Homeless woman to the Company Christmas Party — no his date “looks like him”. You ever see an elephant fucking a rhino? No— it’s not natural////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////I’m done with this (southwest )
Im done with this site. 
nobody seems the read the ads.
Guys when a woman says no she means no.
Sugar daddies you sicken me trying to buy women that is prostitution .
Asking for sex before saying hello is rude
Last thing black guys im not racist i m just attracted to white me.
Obviously, this “rant” was originally from a white chick who was trying to find a decent man on Craigslist. No BS, no games, straight up decent fellow.  I can respect that.  Every pig eventually gets fed up with being a dumpster and at some point tries to find someone on the Internet that she has no connection to.  I get that. 
But then Latrell shows up and just virtually bitch slaps the shit out of the competition.  Latrell tells it like it is. At least he tells it how it is in his neck of the woods.  He lets Daisy know that he’s not in it for the games either, that’s why he’s honest and tells the ladies that he just wants to get his rocks off. He knows that most them females are just in it for a “meal ticket” so he’s happy to negotiate. After all, ‘No’ “just means she negotiating for a higher fee.” (To be safe, might wanna tone that down when you get slapped with a rape charge, Latrell.) This guy is great. But then he goes all segregation on us and basically says that any interracial relationship is the equivalent to “a high paid lawyer bringing a homeless woman to a Christmas party.” C’mon, Latrell? What if they’re in love? Or lust? Maybe I’ve never seen an elephant fuck a rhinoceros but I sure as hell might want to meet a beautiful, homeless Puerto Rican chick (oxymoron?) one day.  Just sayin’, ya never know.  
-Sid Vish

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