Feldman Named Cubs Starter

ESPNChicago.com: MESA, Ariz. — Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Thursday Scott Feldman will be in the starting rotation, leaving one spot open for three candidates. 

Feldman, who signed a one-year contract this offseason, is trying to regain his 2009 form when he won 17 games for the Texas Rangers. Since then he’s started just 45 games, compiling a 15-23 record. 

Before Thursday the only spots in the rotation that were sure things belonged to Matt Garza, Jeff Samardzija, and Edwin Jackson. Feldman was in a group with three others, including Scott Baker, Carlos Villanueva, and Travis Wood, battling for the final two spots.

It’s very difficult to get excited for another upcoming Cubs season. With Spring Training approaching I’ve paid much more attention to most other notable MLB teams than the Cubs.  I know exactly what to expect from the Northsiders.  The only slightly interesting talk this offseason was about how their rotation would be filled out.  Sure, Edwin Jackson was a nice addition. I gotta admit I was a little excited about that signing. He should get the team a couple more wins than last season.  But he’s a solid No.4 starter, No.3 at best.  That’s what the Cubs have, and that’s exactly what us fans should expect.  The pitchers might change from year to year, but the situation stays the same.  Year after year they have a rotation with three guys who are No.3/No.4 starters (maybe one who is a No.2 on a bottom-feeder), then there’s two guys filling out the rotation who are really reliever/maybe No.5 quality.

This year, one of those pitchers happens to be Scotty Feldman.  Decent all-around pitcher. Had one solid year then three mediocre to poor seasons. Nothing to get excited about, just what’s to be expected. The fifth man rounding out the roto’ will probably be Travis Wood. Another decent pitcher.  Crafty lefty.  Both of these guys could put up 10-12 win seasons or both could get absolutely shelled and get no run support.  And lets be honest, the Cubbies got a lot of work to do in the runs dept.  Feldman seems enthusiastic, though, so lets hope he can keep that positive mindset for at least two thirds of the season.


PS –  One thing that I am excited about for this season is to score some tickets for when the Braves come to town.  That offense is gonna be so fun to watch. Can’t wait to see the Upton brothers and Jason Heyward launch bombs into the bleachers while half the fans have no idea what’s going on.  Should be a good time.


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