Two fifth graders in Washington admitted to plotting the murder of a girl in their class and intending to harm at least six other students, according to court documents released Wednesday.

The pair of Fort Colville Elementary School students — ages 10 and 11 — were arrested Feb. 7 after authorities found them with a knife, a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a full ammunition clip, The Spokesman Review reports.

The would-be killers were thwarted after a fourth-grader notice one boy playing with a knife and alerted a school teacher.

According to court documents, the younger boy had been in a “short-term dating relationship” with the girl he allegedly planned to kill because “she’s rude and always made fun of me and my friends,” KTVB reports.

“Yes, I just want her dead,” he added.

According to CNN:

The boys’ plan called for the older to stab the girl off-campus with a 3.25-inch knife last week, and the younger boy would scare off any responders with a .45-caliber Remington 1911 semi-automatic handgun, court documents said.

Washington law states that children ages 8 to 12 are “presumed not to have the mental capacity to form the intent to commit crime,” according to KOMO. But prosecutors believe the boys had deliberate intentions.

“This was a plan. And it was a plan to kill,” Timothy Rasmussen, Stevens County prosecuting attorney, said Thursday, according to the LA Times.

The boys each face charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, tampering with a witness and conspiracy to possess a firearm.

What the fuck is up with kids these days? A few things came to mind right away reading this article.  First, a lot of adults talk about the young generations of America being huge pussies these days. “The pussification of America” as the Barstoolsports guys would say. They talk about kids not having to earn anything for themselves any more and being taught that everyone is equal and you can’t offend anyone.  These two aspiring murders fall on both sides of that line, in my mind. On one hand, these two didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought, they were pissed at this little bitch who kept giving them a hard time in class so they were gonna take her out. Shit, they were gonna stab her and fend anyone who tried to help off with a handgun. But then I thought, what the fuck? You two little retards can’t handle some 5th grade girl making fun of you at school? This girl made you hate life and cry at night to such an extent that you were going to kill her? Talk about being soft as mush.  Not to mention that these two must be the two biggest braindead morons in class. Can’t think of good enough comeback or prank to pull on this girl that will just shut her the fuck up? Jesus, if nothing else just trip her on the walk home and rub her face in the snow. Kick her a few times. You’re 11 years old, show her who’s boss. These kids are probably two little highly emotional homos in the making, getting so upset at a girl picking on them that they need to kill her. That’s a bigger cry for help than the gay emo kid in high school who cuts himself horizontally.

Look, obviously these kids are as dumb as they get.  By the time you are in 4th and 5th grade I would think that you should be able to grasp that this might not be worth ending a life. At least I knew that much. And this isn’t a couple of wannabee bangers in the making from Englewood or West Baltimore showing whose got the bigger balls and earning some street cred.  These are two little white boys from Washington. I hate the “video game makes kids murder” argument. Normally I think it’s totally bull shit and I’m not saying that that is why they did this. But you gotta believe that these kids are spending a lot of time murking dudes on COD. Going with the slash and run technique. And who knows what kind of face-fuck parents are involved. I don’t really care. I say lock ’em up until they’re at least sixteen, whether or not they were dumb enough to get caught. Time to sit a few years out, you fucking rejects.


– Huffington Post


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